What makes CBI unique?

With an emphasis on integrity, proficiency and dependability, CBI aims to meet the needs of its customers and suppliers on a global scale, delivering quality products to any location port in the world. All the while, CBI provides a cost efficient service, rooted in the company’s strong commercial and technical expertise in the mining, production and shipping of bulk materials. CBI is committed to being a true business partner, assisting our clientele in a resourceful and sincere manner. Trustworthy behavior is cemented in the company’s culture, to the extent that business associates humbly recognize CBI foremost for its integrity.


Backed by four decades as a key independent participant in the global flow of cementitious products, CBI has developed a large and exclusive network of producers and customers. This in turn enables the company to provide our commercial partners with the most competitive prices available in the marketplace, on top of guaranteed delivery reliability, as well as flexibility in case of major inconveniences. Our clientele distinguishes the value of such experience, confirmed by the longstanding status of CBI within the industry.
CBI provides its business associates with a distinctive insight into the world of cement related materials, by providing regular updates on the economical and financial dynamics of the industry, as well as habitual on-sight visits by our qualified management team, intended to deepen the understanding of the client’s needs.


With a fully operation in house chartering department, CBI enjoys a unique network of ship owners, operators and brokers worldwide, providing our customers with the most competitive freights available. The company charters over 100 vessels annually, either on spot basis or on COA (Contract of Affreightment) terms.
CBI further operates a variety of 3.000-60.000 metric ton bulk carriers, highlighting the company’s commitment to reliability and flexibility.


Benefiting from the technical know-how achieved over the years by CBI, the company has developed expertise in the design, construction and execution of cement factories, grinding plants and/or import terminals, as well as in the logistical handling of bulk materials. Accordingly, CBI offers its consulting services pertaining to the above projects, on top of additional benefits which include financial, economical and market feasibility research.
The company group owned and operated a fly ash processing plant in Turkey from 2002 until 2007, and contributed in the development and implementation of the first independent grinding plant in Portugal, as well as numerous grinding facilities across Africa.